Technophobia has no place in education

A recent article in the tes looks at how mobile and computing devices have historically been banned which reinforces an older model of education where the teacher churns out teaching and collaboration is restricted. The author mentions a school where they are investigating use of devices on an individual basis but the devices will not be allowed outside of the school itself, restricting learning within a specific environment and context. He notes the need for real change for learner autonomy in the future:


3 thoughts on “Technophobia has no place in education

  1. The problem with bringing technology into schools, though, comes down to three criteria:

    – Technological Understanding of the teachers – Most teachers with a decent understanding of tech are still much younger than their peers. The older ones tend to stick towards a pen and paper principle, and we can notice that the younger ones are bringing change forward, but not to the fullest extent that they could.

    – Ability to filter out the decent content online – In no uncertain terms, it’s a nightmare to find resources or materials that are actually useful for education. Yeah, there are obvious ones (BBC education, for example), but when you get right down to it, most resources are from sources that academia would treat as sketchy, if not unbelievable. The amount of useless videos online is astounding, and if we enable ICT in all schools, we can have that issue as well. I work on a small blog, trying to rectify that issue with maths, especially for older kids, and there are some other great resources online (like Khan Academy, etc), but we need to be able to provide students with more than just a handful of accessible resources.

    – Student maturity – The internet is a dangerous place, sometimes. All it would take for one student to mistakenly download something to ruin the whole credibility of a school policy on ICT use. Cyberbullying is a huge issue, and while ICT can be used as a benefit for students, it can also lead to disaster (the recent suicide of Victorian girl Sheniz Erkan, for example).

    We need to be incredibly careful with ICT and how we use it.

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