Sweden debuts first classroom-less school

via Smart Planet

Vittra, an education company in Sweden have removed the classroom completely – being interested in

“breakdown of physical and metaphorical class divisions as a fundamental step to promoting intellectual curiosity, self-confidence, and communally responsible behavior”

The students are able to wander around using laptops and other technologies in their own learning spaces. With some wonderful photos too:


Google’s offices around the world are also legendary in experimenting with physical spaces, this is their Stockholm office from 2009


2 thoughts on “Sweden debuts first classroom-less school

  1. Both concepts leave me with some doubts. There doesn’t seem to be too much in the Google concept to enable one to ‘set up home’ in one’s own space, or to get ‘outside’ space. Maybe it just didn’t show that part.
    I still feel that a part of all school life should be experienced shoulder-to shoulder (literally) with classmates. There should be some direct learning and social interaction.

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