Changing Education Paradigms

By Sir Ken Robinson


2 thoughts on “Changing Education Paradigms

  1. A great clip. Should be compulsory viewing for all educational managers who just dont grasp that the world has changed. It’s like Gardner Campbell says about people who are trying to bring others onboard to the digital revolution…. ‘ it’s like you’ve got a pot of gold and you’re wanting to share it with others’ but they just dont want to know you. Ken Robinson and Gardner Campbell are passionate, energetic and wonderful advocates for changing paradigms. Always refreshing to hear from them.

  2. Quite fascinating. I was curious to know what actual scores were found in subsequent retesting on that study done by Land and Jarman reported in Breakpoint and Beyond, and they were, as stated, 98% in kindergarten. Ages 9-10 gave 32%, 13-15 10%, and adults 2%. Startling stuff.
    I hope parents will take note of his opinions on Attention Deficit Syndrome. I fully agree that the administration of drugs is usually almost criminal folly.

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