Making universities obsolete

By Matt Welsh, an engineer at Google

This post looks at traditional higher education and the recent commercial launches such as Udacity, Khan Education (both Google linked offerings) and looks at how technology can increase access to education but whether ‘online’ education is a substitute for real university as potentially perceived by employers in the current certification system. He looks at videos as an example and the advantage with the opportunity to replay as many times as you need, but questions whether this is deep learning.

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One thought on “Making universities obsolete

  1. A short post, which makes some pertinent points about some of the benefits being offered by the launch of sites like Udacity and Udemy.
    It has provoked a bit of debate with over 43 comments. It doesnt pretend to really unpack any significant issues so if you are looking for a starting point into some new ways of learning it’s worth a read…

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