Getting to know you: Introducing Teresa Penedo

Contributed by Liz Renshaw

Teresa wearing a helmetI teach in two places – e-learning with adults and children’s dance and gymnastics.

My name is Teresa. I am MSc. in Human Movement, and live in Brazil.

2. Why did you decide to participate Change11?

I thank my friend Daisy Grisolia who told me about the course. I immediately accepted and was very happy.

3.What were a couple of highlights so far in Mooc?

I learn a lot in the Mooc each week. The CCK11 was shorter than the Change 11 Mooc.

4. How do you deal with the abundance of information on Mooc?

I am not afraid of the flow of information. I take what immediately catches my attention. I am happy in this tangle of information. I like the chaos because it represents numerous possibilities and freedom.

5. How are you going to build and sustain your Personal Learning Network?

I love blogs, and I intend to build a blogroll to continue reading.Teresa's students sitting round in a group

6. Do you see any disadvantages with any social networking tools?

I do not know any social networks that do not have friends! I like to experiment to see whether they are good or bad.

7. Did some presenters really resonated with you?

They all leave their share of knowledge. Some of the subjects were very new to me.

8. Anything else at all!

I love MOOCs.


3 thoughts on “Getting to know you: Introducing Teresa Penedo

  1. When you were reading this post did you think about cross cultural communication in MOOCs? Perhaps not but this conversation with Teresa presented an interesting opportunity to explore some of the issues in communicating across cultures. English is not Teresa’s first language but she was insistent that we would have this conversation in English. Our exchange of written dialogue makes interesting reading as Teresa tried to clarify what I was asking and I tried to answer what I thought she may be asking. It would have been a bit easier had we used Skype and had some real time conversation. Or perhaps it just would have been easier for me?

    As with all of us who have taught ESL classes, when it comes to editing the challenge lies in editing the written word, but maintaining the integrity of the writer’s thoughts. I trust that I have been able to be true to Teresa’s intentions in agreeing to make this contribution.

    When we are thinking about diversity as a MOOC feature, pause for a moment and think about those whose first language is not English. I love the fact that sometimes I stumble across contributions in another language The other day when I was on Twitter, I received tweets in arabic and wondered what was being said. This is truly one of the marvels of open MOOC learning, in which we can all see ourselves as global learners.

    Teresa was very courageous to agree to this post and I thank her for the learning that I have gained from sharing this experience with her. 🙂

  2. Another MOOC adventure is getting to know ‘connections’ and find you have even more in common, share interests. That happened with Teresa.

  3. Durante o CCK11, eu escrevia em Português, durante o Change11, desejei tentar escrever em Inglês, mas fiquei com medo de que meus pensamentos fossem mal interpretados.. e adicionei o Tradutor google…
    apareçam por la, afinal se eu enfrento as dificuldades porque todos vocês não podem enfrentar também, igualmente!! concordam!

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