Social Media still confusing and scary

In this post, Joe Prasad refers to the results of various surveys which indicate social media usage but not much social e-commerce such as providing / sharing financial information on social media sites.

He also looks at usage of social media in the workplace and employer relationships

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One thought on “Social Media still confusing and scary

  1. An interesting set of statistics and as the operator of an e commerce business, my gut feel is that these figures hold true for an Australian context as well, but the situation, is rapidly changing. We use social media tools eg FB, Twitter, blogs as an integral part of our marketing strategy but we do not use them to directly sell products.

    Our strategy is about building a community around the shared interest of model ship building through promoting connections, stories, links, problem solving and some training ‘moments’. This approach is bringing customer commitment and loyalty, extending our message to different demographic groups, and building the period model ship building community ties across the global.

    I would suggest that both employees and employers get together as PEOPLE and work to find a way forward that utilises social media in constructive and positive way. Fear not ….it just may be the best thing your company ever does.

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