29 reasons why every child should blog

On February 29th

Stripped down blogging to its simplest form to record one special day in time across the globe. As soon as the first time zone entered Feb29th.net this blog was open to posts. By simply filling in a form, visitors were able to post onto this blog and record their words on this extra special day. As February 29th has passed by all the time zones, this blog has now closed for posting. Over the next few days, additional features will be added enabling visitors to search tag, posts and keywords. I’d like to thank the 20,000+ unique visitors that descended on this project blog. I think I can say that it was a HUGE success. Thank you!

Including an inviting 29 reasons from the class about why every child should blog

In full

One thought on “29 reasons why every child should blog

  1. This is a delightful blog post. It’s really important that we find opportunities to hear student voices of all ages. It was also a very inventive use of a blog and has had massive followship. Whoever initiated this activity is very switched on to the importance of building blogging skills in students. Would be great to see other teachers using this initiative as an great exemplar of positive participatory learning.

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