Leadership for Constant Change

Diane Oblinger looks at how the changes from an analog to a digital world and the changes within education, suggesting that people look for leadership and guidance. She looks at a variety of different values and behaviours that characterize leaders which are mentioned in the related articles.

Leadership requires discipline to take the best from traditions, history, and opportunities and create the future. Although leaders may not need to know everything, they need to understand how things are related. And discipline is required to balance individual strengths with organizational need

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3 thoughts on “Leadership for Constant Change

  1. Leadership lost its face in World War II when a Leader almost succeeded in his plans to create a future. (And after him others did try it again) I am allergic to leadership and leaders who want to create a future. Some modesty is needed here.

  2. Hi Jaap, I like your idea of modesty. May I add a sense of humility too, for any one practicing leadership? In a world of great changes, each of us is practicing leadership in certain ways, and with certain roles. We also understand that arrogance in leadership could bring any one (or us) down, if such leaders are not aiming to serve their followers, as a vision. Creating a future through leadership could be everyone’s “responsibility”, especially in education and learning that is undergoing a rapid change in the “landscape”. To me leadership in education means the act of leading and supporting each others, to advance the goals or vision that would be of value to those around them, and to the benefit of society. Unfortunately, there were poor leadership that happened in history, that had changed our views about leadership, and had left a scar that was inscribed deep in some of our hearts. Could we re-shape and create our future? I reckon we could.

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