Would you like to help us create a print version of the calendar?

We would like to create a print version to potentially share at the end of the year. There are mixed sizes of posts so far but the majority are fairly short. Some of us have started to discuss different options including:

  • exporting to Blurb and using their SmartBook software – maybe look at their wall planners options
  • exporting to PhotoBox and maybe look at their calendar options
  • or any other tools that you might be familiar with

We do not have a budget so will be experimenting with free software and options. As a print option this could be sold and we would like to explore contributing to an educational non-profit as part of the price.

If you have experience and/or graphic design tools and would like to be involved, we would welcome your suggestions – please add a comment below or contact us

Thank you !



First Do No Harm: New Evidence on Online Learning in Higher Education

Matthew M Chingos reviews a recent series of experiments that they carried out where students participated in seven introductory statistics courses in a hybrid format (machine guided instruction with one f2f every week). The courses involved more traditional forms of assessment

We found that students in the hybrid format did just as well—in terms of pass rates, final exam scores, and performance on a standardized statistics test—as their counterparts in the traditional version of the same course

In full