Foreign languages to be taught at school from age seven

Jeevan Vasagar reports on the recent UK curriculum announcement that all children are to be taught a foreign language from seven upwards, which has been discussed for several years.

The number of primary schools teaching languages has been increasing in response to a target set by the previous government., though school inspectors say headteachers’ monitoring of language provision can be weak. This is often because primary heads feel they lack competence to judge language provision, Ofsted says

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3 thoughts on “Foreign languages to be taught at school from age seven

  1. The idea of introducing foreign languages for elementary (primary) school students is a good one. However, after reading the article I am worried about the way it will be done. Young children learn language when being exposed to it, it is the simplest thing ever to help them learn it – kids teach each other every day around the world on playgrounds and so forth. But if we put heavy emphasis on grammar and spelling, those same young kids who would otherwise naturally adapt the new target language, will become reluctant as they see it becoming a hard chore.

    I think kids are much smarter than what we give them credit for. After all they learn to communicate with their parents (and the world) pretty much on their own. Supporting this same learning in schools would create amazing results. Can it be done? Yes, Easily.

  2. Yes it’s true, whether around people speaking a second language or even going abroad for a few weeks, it’s amazing what children pick up whilst playing

  3. From Doris Molero “Languages are being taught at a very early age in my country. Kids get to kinder garden and they get English as foreign language classes. Also they are learning to use computers… they learn by singing and drawing pictures..”

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