Online courses could help foster more cheating

Julia Shedlin notes a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article which mentions that as online enrollment increases, so does the number of people that find ways to cheat. If they complete exams at test centers with identification which makes it harder and students can be dismissed if caught. One professor notes that the students group study and they have no way of knowing whether students copy from each other or not. Others suggest that it is harder to cheat in group work because you have to do the readings.

Senior Natalie Williams took an online C-228: Group Communications class through IU-Purdue University Indianapolis that consisted of readings, papers and a group project completed entirely through online communication.

“It was the same amount of difficulty as a traditional class, and the topic wasn’t something you could just Google. You actually had to do the readings,” she said. “People would have been able to cheat easier if there was an online final.”

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