Using the web for learning and teaching – a new understanding

Dave White writes about a Visitors & Residents Continuum as an alternative to Digital Natives and Immigrants. Dave White has been talking about Visitors & Residents engagement in online spaces for several years. He suggests that people treat and behave differently according to e.g. their contexts at that time. He noted as part of a national JISC project that there are different digital literacies and understanding of the benefits/risks of participating and sharing online:

Many of the graduate attributes higher education institutions are espousing appear to require reasonably high levels of residency and visibility online with phrases such as “engage productively in relevant online communities” and “influence others in an increasingly digital world”. So the importance of these forms of engagement is being established but what is not yet clear is how we actually support this in practice.

One of the outputs of the JISC project will be a digital resident toolkit to assist with these processes.

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Also thoughts from Jenny Mackness and Heli Nurmi on being a visitor and resident