Online Homework, In Class Quizzes, and Google Forms

Lanny Arvan describes his experiences using Google forms that are easy to link to other documents or embed in web pages. He notes that innovations in education including Coursera & Udacity which provide a lot of prepared content may not necessarily answer questions that students may have or their other needs.

Most students don’t need additional courses from which to choose, at least not during the regular school year.  Many of them, however, need help with the courses they are taking.  They get stuck.  Then they fret about it.  But they don’t now how to get help.  Some look online for help, which I know because I’ve produced videos for microeconomics that are in YouTube and the hits those videos get are driven by students trying to fill this need.  This is fine, but it is not sufficient.  With pre-produced online content students may still not see the light.  They need to ask their own questions and get somebody in the know to respond to them in a serious way

He has set up a site called Ask the Prof, where students will be able to submit their questions using the google form (he’s also looking for others to add their questions as well, so why not give it a go all your unanswered questions about economics can now be answered!)

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