Purpose (and life’s lessons learnt in video games)

Nicky has decided that she never wants to stop learning and she wants to contribute to the collective of human knowledge sometime in her lifetime. She has found a sense of purpose in many aspects of her life and her academic studies but then felt challenged further whilst playing a video game

I wasn’t even considering the topic at hand one night whilst playing Skyrim on the PC. ;My character was seeking out a particular mage in a tower and when I got close enough to him he spoke an offhanded one-liner like most of the NPCs (non-human characters) in the game: “They say the pursuit of knowledge is it’s own reward.” It didn’t strike me as being particularly inspirational but I found myself thinking, “Right on, little elven dude.”Later I reflected on the concept more, and came to the conclusion my university studies had always been a means to an end, rather an end in and of itself. Could I be content that my goal, both academically and career-wise, is simply the pursuit of knowledge?

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