Roboticize Your World: Educational Kit Can Turn Artwork and Crafts Into Robots

Byron Spice of Carnegie Mellon University issues a press release about a new educational robotic kit that allows students to experiment without previous experience of programming required. It has already been used in several creative ways

Terry Richards, who teaches high school human anatomy and physiology at The Ellis School in Pittsburgh, had her students use the kit to build models of the human arm and its musculature. “A lot of the girls said it helped them see where muscles attached,” Richards said. “They really had to think about where the muscles could attach on their models.” In the process, they learned how to install servos to move the elbow and wrist, wire them to the Hummingbird control board and write programs to control the movement. “Even in high school, students aren’t usually introduced to this technology unless they are on the robotics team,” she added.

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