Attendance in online classrooms

Dr Staub was recently asked by his district to start implementing a blended learning program. He surveyed his staff and has included the discussion notes in the post. Some likes included flexibility between disciplines and dislikes included lack of interaction and nuanced conversation being missing.

I wonder, if traditional students were not compelled, how many of them would show up?  How many would do the work? This is not an argument about whether students should be forced to take classes.  Rather, this is a suggestion that for too long traditional teachers have used the mandatory attendance and completion of a course to teach lazily, without excitement, and without student engagement.  Such teaching, whether traditional or online, will lack results in achievement

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog. I’ll willingly answer any questions you might have.

    Recently my colleagues discussed the poor quality of many flipped classrooms. Our conclusion was one we should all consider. Technology needs to assist and transform traditional teaching. If it doesn’t, if technology is just an add-on, it will not have the effect we desire. Don’t just add on technology, transform with it.

    • Thank you very much, your point about transforming with it is timely. I think the community of educators who developed the original MOOCs have pondered how people are interacting, what can be done to make the process (rather than ‘product’ of the MOOC like some flipped classes) more engaging. Stephen Downes pulled together a great list on Engagement and Motivation in MOOCs

  2. As a general truth, there are stages of life when compulsion is necessary. I see no reason this should be different for online learning.
    Many gifted youngsters, forced against their will to follow their talent, are now grateful that this happened.

  3. Sometimes even in online learning it’s not enough, I was at a conference last week where one delegate cited a case of 50% attendance for mandatory online learning.

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