Upon reflecting on how I became an EFL teacher in Venezuela

Miguel Mendoza writes

I have been teaching English for more than 20 years. From teaching children to adults; from teaching students to training teachers; from EFL to ESAP; from using board and chalk (I still do!) to computers, flipcams and smartphones; from teaching F2F to emoderation; from being trained to teach able-bodied students to “training” myself to teach and care for functional diversity students; and from contemplating a career in arts to choosing my second best: teaching English. And from this last revelation, and maybe you sitting on the edge of your seats, you might be wondering how I ended up taking the road of teaching – and not exactly the one less travelled!

He explains his journey from early influences in childhood and his incredible work with EFL teachers in Venezuela,

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  1. While I always try to read your intros, would like to be a bit more selective about the articles I read in full. A bit more of a precis and a main conclusion in your intro, perhaps, so that one knows better whether one wants to read further or not?

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