Hiding behind my avatar

Sharon at NUI, Galway reflects on how she has used an avatar image on her Twitter account and what that meant to both her and connections she has made. She originally had a cup of coffee then moved towards a graphic that more closely resembled her physical appearance

I have been told that I look a little bit like my twitter image (or should that be the other way round?). I have even been recognised at conferences, twice. But it’s clear that most people don’t recognise me when they meet me in real life. I’m fairly comfortable with that. But, I wonder if I’m still hinding behind the avatar and is it prohibiting me from a deeper engagement with my PLN when I meet them in real life?

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2 thoughts on “Hiding behind my avatar

  1. Something to reflect about, certainly! I originally hid behind my avatar completely, but have gradually emerged from behind it as it became increasingly silly to separate my blog from my novels and compositions. Still, having had the same avatar for some seven years I don’t want to change it. Those who are interested can find out what I really look like on my book profiles.

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