How technology reveals bad teachers

Steve Taffee reflects on the changing technologies in the classroom with overhead projectors, writing on blackboards, powerpoint presentations. He says that technology  reveals much about how teachers approach teaching and manage their classrooms,  offering examples including questioning the stand and deliver approach of teachers and

Does the teacher struggle to get the technology up and running and freak out when it fails? Chances are that they may be disorganized and fretful in other aspects of their teaching such as when textbooks change, the forget a lesson plan at home, or a fire drill interrupts the class period.

He closes with wondering about the difference between mediocre and great teaching practices using new technologies.

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3 thoughts on “How technology reveals bad teachers

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  2. This is really valid! How many teachers (and those simply delivering a talk) fall to pieces and have no back-up plan if the technology fails. Few, if any, are able to present an old-fashioned verbal substitute for their Power Point presentions in need – yet that is always possible, if one is prepared for such contingencies.

  3. I think there is scope for more teaching with technologies mentoring from those who are more experienced who can help with providing alternative options for when things can go wrong. This needs leadership across the educational institution, also being able to work with students who may have more experience too so that as it can turn into shared exploration and not being put off by one bad experience if you are not very familiar with the technologies.
    Back up plan is a great idea

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