Re-thinking rural education: Bringing the outside world to a village

Aun posts about the village where they grew up in a rural area of Pakistan where basic infrastructure was not available and only a very basic education is available other than to those who have rich parents and go to school in the city. They point out how difficult it is without lack of resources and the challenges that many of the village families face resulting in high dropouts. Aun has an exciting plan for next month, travelling from Toronto back to the village:

This time, I am not going to be doing much talking. Instead, I will let the projector, hooked up to internet, show these children all they want to know about the world that is still alien to them. The children are going to be shown a few visual documentaries and a couple of movies to get them excited about the prospects of learning they will have available to them.

The internet and projector can not only be used to educate these children but can also help in trainings for women & men in the village. For example, we can have virtual classes where someone sitting in Canada or anywhere else in the world teaches women in the village a skill or an art. I believe all of us have a unique touch, a talent. Some of us are lucky enough to have the conductive environment that allows us to discover, realize and use our talents. Unfortunately, most of the times these talents and special skills go unnoticed.

Aun welcomes suggestions for how to make this happen, so if you can spare a few minutes…

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