Education cannot be global… at least in the sense of global citizenship education

Nielkat takes a look at the words internationalization, marketisation, globalization and reflects on how these can get used interchangeably, in spite of the differences in learning outcomes. The post reviews the differences in global citizenship education and it relevance to university students and outlines how research has outlined a north / south divide where students are attracted to studying in the north.

education programs are designed to inculcate this mindset and to encourage students (as they become adults) to participate in this global society in proscribed ways. This is frequently manifested in the literature of international student mobility, where it is assumed that students will come to the global North to learn, and then return home to share what they have learned with others because such programs are unavailable in the global South, at least to the same calibre

The post highlights how stakeholders in global citizenship education can be seen to be imposing their own views at the detriment of a wider, more open discussion.

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