Let’s make a difference

Mr Teacher aka Tushar Raval blogs about a projects which is drawing to a close. He has learnt about project planning and where it might help in achieving results. He notes a range of hardware problems that the other English teachers face including lack of internet, lack of computer, no computer lab etc

They developed an app called Zoomi and have recently releases it on Android tablets with it preinstalled.

On ‘zoomi’ the registered students can interact with faculty members on messenger, send them mails, can download notes and reference material, view notices, notifications, and results. They can also view the list of recommended educative android based applications and download them. Just to name a few there are dictionaries, pronunciation dictionaries, tongue twisters, language learning games, puzzles, quizzes, Oxford audio podcasts and much more

He notes how much happier and confident the students are and is increasing his online learning activities into social networks

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