Seniors as Old as 91 and 93 Master Computer Literacy in Latvia

The Lithuania Tribune reports a story from the Latvia Institute which has an ambitious goal

Seniors as old as 91 and 93 mastered computer literacy in Latvia within the scope of “Connect Latvia!”. A project, which is being conducted for the fourth consecutive year by „Lattelecom”, the largest electronic services provider in Latvia.

This year, as it is the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, the project is aiming for an even greater social impact – to teach 6000 seniors aged 50 and older by November 2012.

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Democracy and Education matter

In a powerful post, Alma de Colibri reflects on how the powerlessness of her students has resulted in apathy towards changing education and having a say in that change. She notes that students have little say say in how their education is structured and points to systematic failings that result n continuous poverty and oppression.

We tell students not to limit their imagination, yet we paint a pretty dim picture for them; we tell students they can be anything they want to be in life, yet we dictate what they have to learn; we tell them they must be problem solvers, yet we give them pretty scripted lessons and provide scaffolding for the scaffolding; and we tell students to take responsibility for their decisions, yet they get very little opportunity to make decisions and use critical judgment

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17-year-old Writes Book on Education System – My take so far? Brutally Honest. Read it.

Steph R Rivera has started to read Nikhil’s One Size Does Not Fit All: A Student’s Assessment of School and is finding that she agrees with many of the points he is making so far.

It’s not your typical student complaining. Nikhil presents thorough explanations to why he makes these statements. With supporting evidence that will make you say, “Are you kidding me?” He states opinions I had back in high school, popular opinions for that matter. But the difference between him and myself along with the common “high school complainers” is we never took it further than just complaining about it. We are raised to think “that’s the way things are, deal with it.” I was raised to think that as a student, there was nothing I could do about it. “Accept the system, you can’t change it” is what I believed my entire K-12 education.

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Video of panel on “Virtual Worlds Revisited” at the 2012 Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase

Kicking off a mini-series of 3 posts about virtual worlds on One Change A Day:

John ‘Pathfinder’ Lester reports from a recent panel session held in Second Life that looked at what has and is happening with virtual worlds. One of the advantages of being an avatar panel is that the panellists can get up and wander around instead of being grouped together on a bunch of chairs. The full session is an embedded video in the blog post. They refer to the Gartner hype cycle and say that between 2009 and now they have slipped from the hype peak into trough of disillusionment.

The video panel discussion

For anyone wishing to explore virtual worlds further, some UK links: