Happy-Appy Thursday, Talking Heads

Mrs Weiss features talking heads apps on her post and wonders briefly about student responses in learning and how these can be captured.  She mentions a range of animals, birds, robots and also a gingerbread man that has a talking head. Most of the ones she has found are free:

The premise is simple. You talk, the app records what you say and repeats it back. You can record this little exchange to make a little movie of the animal saying what you say. You only hear the repeated part on the video

She includes a range of ways that talking head apps can be used.

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10 maths apps for little ones

Mariah Bruehl of Playful Learning posts suggestions from Rebecca at Thirteen Red Shoes about her favourite maths apps for young children including

  • Presto Bingo Shapes – looking and finding shapes which are counted in children’s voices
  • Counting Bees – dragging bees to a flower and counting along the way
  • Pirate Trio – counting, shapes and puzzles

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