Pottstown Mercury opens Community Media Lab

Steve Buttry posts about the opening of the lab which allows people in the community to engage with digital media to report and share news.

This community newsroom we open today recognizes three important facts of the digital marketplace:

  1. People in the community can and want to tell some of the stories of community life themselves.
  2. The newspaper archive is a valuable community asset made more useful by digital technology.
  3. As valuable as digital communication is and as much time as we spend with it, we still value face-to-face interaction.

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Why Be Literate?

Korea Maria has posted a copy of her paper in L500 Issues in Literacy, Culture and Language, Spring 2012, April 24, 2012

She reviews why literacy is important and suggests that traditional literacies are not less important with the wider usage of digital media, but they are also required for navigating digital media literacy.

Are we to acquire digital literacy like a first language? Or do we need to identify the various knowledge that a learner has before coming to school to become traditionally literate, a funds of knowledge approach, and extend this explicit incorporation of home language, literacies, and culture into both literacy development in schools as well as digital media literacy. Or is it time to relinquish our dependence on schools as arbiters of literacy altogether?

She reflects on Korean cultures and those of immigrants in Korea with the influence from Western nations and how that has affected people and changed their perspectives and identity. She questions whether the change brought about through digital media is leaving people who may never have developed literacies traditionally either,  even further behind and suggest that other literacies including critical thinking, questioning of ethics are needed in order to weather the change.

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