Vocational vs Elite Educations

Emeka Okafor reviews the lack of vocational education available and looks to other countries’ examples for how to improve economies.

Why don’t the products of our high schools, colleges and universities have a greater ability to create, manufacture or process things? Our educational systems seem to spit out those who can only barely administer and officiate. A general lack of critical thinking abounds with few exceptions. How can we systemizecuriosity-driven, startup, maker mentality? The roots of these failures to a degree stem from deficient foundations left by former colonial overlords. It would do us a measure of good to learn from Germany, Europe’s most successful economy and appropriate where we can

He posts some interesting videos that look at traditional and vocational education in African countries.

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Preparing for jobs that do not yet exist …

On the Lifelong Learning in Palestine blog, they note the difference between the most popular jobs in 2010 compared to 2004. They wonder about the changes in Palestinian experiences in recent years and how things are beginning to change, in an interesting video.

How do we prepare young people and those not-so-young for future work?  What sort of technology will be involved?

In Palestine people are preparing for full, autonomous and meaningful work that will be nothing like the existent conditions

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