Funding awarded for Sierra Leone health partnership

From Kings College London news, their Global Health centre has been awarded a grant to improve health professions education in Sierra Leone.

The partnership will draw on the expertise of staff from across King’s Health Partners to work with staff at COMAHS to develop revised curricula for all programmes, provide training in modern teaching methods, equip classrooms and develop proposals for new training programmes. This will involve visits by medical, nursing and pharmacy educators to Sierra Leone to conduct needs assessments and hold curriculum workshops, as well as provide distance mentoring and support.

The project will also use an online learning platform called MedicineAfrica

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What if school was more like Twitter?

Tom Whitby wonders what would happen if the discussion and sharing that forms part of a twitter learning network was tried out in a traditional school environment. He mentions the importance of being able to share ideas such as papers with links on them appearing in staff pigeon holes / mailboxes;  and how the breadth of opinions on twitter can help to understand more about a global perspective.Does this help bridge a digital gap?

The idea of being a “Connected Educator” is too foreign to too many educators. If this post is to be effective it will have to be printed out, reproduced, and circulated in teachers’ mailboxes in order to reach them. In this age of technology, that should be an embarrassment to the most educated people this country or any country has to offer

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