TED’s New Site Turns Any YouTube Video Into a Lesson

Sarah Kessler reports in Mashable about the growing flipping phenomenon which means that TED videos can now be flipped into lessons.

TED Ed isn’t making courses — it’s just making it easy to package YouTube videos in an educational context. What it’s making look more like video worksheets. But handing that ability to everybody could make for an interesting learning library.

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Younger generations learning DIY from New Media

From the AA Ireland blog who have been exploring attitudes towards DIY.

27% of those aged between 17 and 24 indicated that they’ve used the internet and 16% said they’ve used YouTube specifically to get step by step instructions on how to do work around the house.  Both these figures are 10% higher than the overall averages as calculated across a sample of 11,000 people of all ages the AA reports.  Just 1% of those over the age of 65 said they had used YouTube as a learning tool to help with a DIY job.

The report also mentions that Dads and Mums are also still being sought for advice and support.

How long will it be before you can learn how to build and furnish a whole house via YouTube ? Anyone up for trying – it would make a great Grand Design project?

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