Webinhalte kuratieren als Lernszenario: viele Werkzeuge, wenige Beispiele

Christoph Meier recently decided to experiment with social content curation and describes his experiences

In essence, it is about finding content, select, contextualize, organize, publish and to get people talking.

He mentions the importance of visual representation and provides a range of links to open resources including the German Digital Library via a scoop-it page.

He would be very interested in receiving thoughts and tips on the value of curating content both as teachers and learners and whether there are possibilities for developing criteria about the resources as information for other learners?

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Taghreedat partners with Meedan to provide international open education resources in Arabic

Mohamed Tazi reports on the announcement of a new initiative to develop high quality Arabic content.

This new agreement will allow Meedan, which has been working on building an online translation community since 2008, to focus its resources on program and software design and delivery. Taghreedat will work towards translating all online educational content and dialogue initiatives into Arabic through its active social media community of over 2500 volunteers.

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DeGraff awarded $1 million NSF grant to continue linguistics research in Haiti

Peter Dizikes reports on the award of this grant to Michel DeGraff whose research has specialised in use and origins of Creole language.

Along with this research, DeGraff has helped initiate a project, Open Education Resources (OER), intended to develop Creole-language classroom tools. The NSF grant will enable OER to create and disseminate those tools in the so-called STEM fields: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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