Why Anyone Who Cares About the Metaverse Needs to Move Beyond Second Life; Now, Not Later

Fleep Tuque who is well known in both online education and virtual worlds communities expresses her passion for the concepts of virtual worlds and issues a plea to develop virtual worlds beyond the experiences and platforms of the last few years. She reflects on her experiences and hopes whilst she began to explore 3d virtual worlds seeing an open metaverse where anyone could develop in virtual worlds and improve theirs and others prospects in the real world too. She spent a lot of time developing and using Second Life for education but feels a hostage as she is not able to reuse her content anywhere else

Imagine you are writing that novel you’ve always dreamed of writing, the novel that will change the world. And it’s early on in the development of software for writing novels, so there are only one or two platforms that allow you to even do it. One of the downsides of these early platforms is, you can only ever work on your novel on their servers, and the only copy that exists of your novel only exists on their servers. But hey, there aren’t any other good options out there, so you dive in, pouring your heart and soul into writing the best novel you can.

The more you add to your novel, as the years pass, the more attached you become, until one day something terrible happens. You lose your job, or you get sick, or the stock market crashes, whatever the reason, suddenly you can’t afford to pay for access to your novel. And just like that, all that work, all that effort, gone in a blink. Or one day the company changes its mind and decides it doesn’t even want to host novels anymore, novels are not their target market now, who needs these novel writing people! And just like that, all that work, all that effort, gone in a blink

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Metaverse Muslim: playing out our mongrel selves

Tasnim has been exploring digital life and Islam for a couple of years.  She looks at the use of clothing on avatars and whether there is a difference in exploring and expression opinions in online spaces.

“I’ve come across a number of projects and articles examining Muslims and the metaverse, from virtual hajj tours and Islamic sacred spaces in Second Life to academic articles on the concept of “e-hijab,” which the author describes as Muslim women whose avatars wear the e-hijab as a clear visual manifestation of religious identity”

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Video of panel on “Virtual Worlds Revisited” at the 2012 Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase

Kicking off a mini-series of 3 posts about virtual worlds on One Change A Day:

John ‘Pathfinder’ Lester reports from a recent panel session held in Second Life that looked at what has and is happening with virtual worlds. One of the advantages of being an avatar panel is that the panellists can get up and wander around instead of being grouped together on a bunch of chairs. The full session is an embedded video in the blog post. They refer to the Gartner hype cycle and say that between 2009 and now they have slipped from the hype peak into trough of disillusionment.

The video panel discussion

For anyone wishing to explore virtual worlds further, some UK links: