Prezi as a higher learning tool

“The first time I used Prezi I was inflicted with a mild dose of motion sickness” notes Ian Handsley on the LSUVietnam blog. He explains how he has experimented with the different features, finding ways to reduce this effect.

I recently had an experience teaching in a tightly coordinated summer EAP intensive for post-graduate students here in Japan, and I found that Prezi was a great help for coming to terms with all the course materials and supporting documentation. How I used Prezi to make sense of what was quite daunting educationally and administratively will perhaps demonstrate how Prezi can transform mundane presentation authoring into powerful learning experiences

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Reflections on #realwplearn chat: Breaking Down Silos

David Kelly regularly takes part in the weekly #lrnchat on Twitter and also #realwplearn . Their recent topic was silos and he notes that many learning professionals have already encountered risks of organisational silos where similar information can exist in different areas to solve similar problems – performance support is only taking account of one at a time, but bears the cost of both.

The question of silos ultimately comes down to one of culture, and can be defined by how you ask the top most question about information sharing. Are you asking if you should leave the door open, or are you asking if you should open the door? The latter reflects a silo mentality. If you want to break down silos, you’ve got to start by leaving doors open, both metaphorically and literally.

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The 21st Century Curator

Sahana refers to Harold Jarche’s presentation ‘Network’ and reflects on how curation has become a buzzword where she has noticed that one post in five refers to it. She reviews several articles and posts on curation

A little reflection reveals that curation is a way of life for all of us—we are all curators. How we put our curation skills to use is what makes us unique. We are curating when we pick the books that will adorn our shelves; we are curating when we choose our furniture; the store keeper is curating when s/he selects and arranges the display. We are also curating when we choose what to share with our Facebook friends. And in each type of curation, what comes across are unique perspectives, a sense of pattern and a representation the curator wants the world to see

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